CXQ Tournament 



Congratulations to the following CXQ Fall 2005 Individual Tournament Winners:

Champion: ThapTamThe ($500 US)
Runner-up: TonTNTan ($300 US)
Third Place: TranVNinh ($150 US)
Fourth Place: NguyenTBao (1 year bluenick)
Fifth Place: BuiQuocKhanh (1 year bluenick)
Sixth Place: NguyenVBac (1 year bluenick)
Seventh Place: ChitAnh (1 year bluenick)
Eighth Place: HVCNguyen (1 year bluenick)

Top 3 winners, please confirm your mailing address to the tournament committee (http@clubxiangqi.com) for timely delivery of your prize.

Clubxiangqi would like to thank all players, operators, and club supporters for an exciting tournament. We hope to sponsor a similar competitive event in the near future. Stay tuned.

 For CXQ Fall 2005 Individual Tournament, Please click here.