The following players have been selected to compete in the CXQ Mini Individual Tournament:


   Lao_Lao   Tran Quoc Dat Ha Noi Viet Nam
   PDHien   Pham Duy Hien Hai Duong   Viet Nam
   KimPossible8   Kim Lee Toronto Canada
   DQHung   Dang Quoc Hung Hai Duong   Viet Nam
   PWL   Wei Liu Charlotte, NC USA
5   LDeThuong   Phan Dinh Huy TPHCM Viet Nam
   Tran_Linh05   Tran Ngoc Linh Gia Lam   Viet Nam
   PTBinh   Vu Khiem TPHCM   Viet Nam
   Lucky_Start   Do Trung Thanh TPHCM  Viet Nam


   KyCo68   Nguyen Van Ky Ha Noi   Viet Nam
   HoVinhHoa15   Nguyen Huy Duong Hue   Viet Nam
11    CongDanh   Nguyen Cong Danh Nha Trang Viet Nam
11   ManKind   Denny Huynh Philadelphia USA
12    TungHoanh   Mac Ngan Son Binh Dinh Viet Nam
13    ChauTheVinh   Chau The Vinh TPHCM Viet Nam
14    QuangMinh   Le Tuan Para Vosta, SA Australia
14   Quan_Trong   Dang Van Cuong Hai Phong Viet Nam
15    Simon1   Nguyen Simon Srasota, Florida USA
15   TuanNgocNgo   Ngo Tuan Ngoc TPHCM Viet Nam
   ChanTinh2003   Pham Kelvin Fountain Valley, CA USA
Tournament Schedule  will be posted no later than Thursday, May 12, 2005. Please see the Schedule page for details. It is important that everyone on this list sends an email to comfirming his intention to play. This confirmation must be received no later than Wednesday, May 11, 2005. If a confirmation email is not received, we will not guarantee your seat in the tournament.

Note: For this first round (Round 1): If you are late, you will be removed from the tournament and an alternate player will take your place.  


NOTE: If you are not selected and your name are below on the day we post the registration list, please come to the tour on the first day.  If anyone fail to show up for the tour, that person will be disqualified, and we will allow you to join the tour on the first come first serve basis.  Please email us at  if you are interested to be on the stand by list.  If you are not on the list below and want to be on the waiting list, please email to us at with your nick, real name, address, telephone, email address, we will put you on the waiting list.