Club Xiangqi owes its growth and success to all the members. Without proper organization, funding, and member activity, this tournament and the maintaining of the server would not have been possible. Thank you, each and everyone, for contributing to our club's activities and growth.

We would like to thank all registered bluenick members for their supporting to the club.  We also would like to thank all tour players for participating and make the tour success.  

We also want to thank our club Operators/Helpers, who have a direct hand in making this tournament possible. Aside from the daily task of keeping our club clean and fun for everyone to chat and play, they work long and hard to organize all aspects of the tournament, from web design and content, to scheduling and officiating. Their dedication and service has produced nothing less than the Internet's greatest tournaments.

We are forever grateful for those who currently supporting CXQ and who had supported CXQ in the past tournament.  Without the contribution from each and everyone of you, this tournament and many to go could not be possible.  Once again, Thank-you all!

If you would like to contribute for the tournament, please contact us at Tournaments and exhibitions sponsored by Club XiangQi are not-for-profit events. They are entirely funded by the goodwill and generosity of the members like you.