I. Official Tournament Game Rules 

  • With a few exceptions, due to gaming over the Internet, all tournament games shall be governed by the CXQ Rules, which is based on Asian Rules. Click Here for more details on the CXQ Rules.
  • The CXQ Rules shall be interpreted by the tournament committee. Their interpretation will serve as final ruling for any game.

II. General Tournament Rules

  • Sportmanship
    • It is expected that all players show good sportsmanship and help make the tour a big success. The tournament committee will make sure the contestants to play professionally and if necessary, the tournament committee may disqualify those who show poor sportsmanship.
  • Attendance
    • A player must make due effort to attend the tournament and play all his games.
    • A player must wait for the moderator's permission before leaving the tournament,
      even if his opponent is absent. Any player that leaves the tournament before being
      dismissed by the moderator will forfeit his game.
    •  Absenteeism may prevent a player from being admitted to future events.
  • Absenteeism (If you absent once, your game will be disqualified from the game and will not be qualify to play future tournament for 2 years).
    • Notice:   If a player does not arrive on time of his first scheduled game, then he will be removed from the tournament and an alternate player will take his place.
    • Notice:   If a player does not arrive within on time of any scheduled game thereafter, he will be declared absent and his game will be forfeited.
    • A player forfeits the tournament, if he is absent once during the tournament.
  • Rescheduling
    • There will be no reschedule as all.
  • Disconnection
    • If a player disconnects during a game, he is allowed the remaining time on his clock to reconnect and make his moves.
    • At the discretion of the player still connected, more time may be added to a disconnected player's clocks. While this is recommended, in consideration of poor Internet connections throughout the world, it is not required.
    • CXQ assumes no responsibilities for the quality of Internet connection of any participant.
  • Server Down/Reset
    • In the event that the server crashes while a game is in progress, regardless
      of any advantage that one player may have over the other, the game will be
      discarded and rematch.  Time for rematch is 2 minutes, 2 minutes and 5 seconds.
  • Maximum Number of Moves
    • A game is declared a draw if no winner has been determined after each player makes 300 moves
  • Multiple Registrations
    • Providing false information and/or multiple registrations by the same player under different nicknames is prohibited. Note: Only one person per household is allow to register. One who violates this rule will be discharged from the tournament and will be suspend for 3 months.
  • Errors such as mouse slips, unexpected piece movement, freezing screen, etc., will NOT be accepted as valid excuses for rematch, because we have no way to verify those errors.

III. Amendments

      CXQ reserves the right to amend and/or update these rules as deemed necessary.

  • All amendments made before the start of the tournament will be made public and notifications will be sent to players prior to the first scheduled game.
  • All amendments made after the start of the tournament will be made public and notifications will be sent to players prior to the next scheduled game.