Welcome to CXQ Tournament Arena!  It is our goal to make it a friendly and easier for xiangqi fans to meet, play, and compete over the Internet.  Throughout the year, we host several tournaments and award cash prizes to the winners.  In the summer and fall of 2002, CXQ held its first two xiangi tournaments with a great success.  A year later, in the summer of last 2003, CXQ once again held it third xiangqi tournament with another success.  Our members had the opportunity to watch the Club's best at play, and the xiangqi world witnessed the most successful online tournament to date. Our tournaments attract the strongest players in the world, so contestants must draw from the best of their experience and intuition when competing.

Once again, Club Xiangqi rallies its finest players in a true contest of the mind and intellect. This time, we proudly present the Fall 2005 Xiangqi Tournament, where the Internet's strongest Chinese chess players will compete for the honor and prestige of the championship title. The tournament reaches the far ends of the globe and involves players from America, Canada, China, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and many other countries around the World. Through a grueling series of matches, the tournament will produce the strongest online competitor, our new champion. Click here for entry details.